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We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the new 2023/2024 academic year.
This program is designed to provide your children with a comprehensive learning experience in the English language, catering to ages 5 to 18.
Primary Curriculum (Ages 5-7): Tailored specifically for children in their early years, this curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation in English language skills through interactive and engaging activities.
Junior Curriculum (Ages 8-12): For children in their middle years, this curriculum aims to expand their language skills further, incorporating subjects like Science, Literature, Geography, History, Storytelling, and Debates - all taught in English.
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PERFORMING ARTS AND DRAMA taught by an experienced actor.


Exclusively at Global Studio Language School.
Our 2 hour weekly youth theatre classes are designed to build confidence in 7-18 year olds through drama techniques. This includes spontaneous improvisation, mini scripts, theatre games, radio plays, monologues and structured scenes. The classes are taught in English only!
With over 20 years of experience, our professional tutor and curriculum can help develop public speaking skills to help students feel empowered in educational and social aspects of life. Working within a structured curriculum, our students develop public speaking skills, improve their self-esteem and confidence, and foster enthusiasm and a positive approach to life.
Our Youth Theatre groups also provide a relaxed space to make friends, try new things, and have fun!